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Semalt: SEO-Friendly Content That'll Make Google Panda Love You!

Quality Content and SEO-friendly are the best weapons to make Google Panda take you to the top of the ranking.

SEO Friendly
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If you have recently optimized a platform and wanted to publish something, note that high-quality and error-free content can increase your credibility on the internet. You will generate lots of traffic from both social media and Google if your content is up to the mark.

Jack Miller, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, does believe that that content quality is the most important area to focus on if you want to avoid Google Panda penalties and demotion. Because Panda is a must part of Google's site rating algorithm in 2017.

Focus on the User:

It's mandatory to focus on the users when it comes to content and social media marketing. The bottom line is that people try to publish and promote low-quality content, but you should focus on publishing top-notch and unique articles. In this regard, all webmasters and bloggers should understand some fundamental aspects about how to satisfy web content requirements, because the door to success can open only when they don't compromise on the quality of content.

Writing SEO-friendly content has become a necessity these days, and the text of your web pages should be optimized by using proper keywords and phrases.

How Much Text Do We Need to Write?

You should place relevant texts on the pages for a better rank in the search engine results. It's safe to say that there is no optimal amount of text per article, and it differs from topic to topic. I mean to say the type of the content you are writing, and the topic you are going to cover will determine how many words should be written. Some of the topics can be covered in 300-400 words, while the others require you to write up to 2000-3000 words. SERP will also determine how much text is required for a better rank in the search engine results. Rather than focusing on the quantity of the Main Content (MC) text, your focus should be on the quality of the content and type of articles your audience likes the most. There is no set rule of how many words should be written. Some pages get better rank even with 50 words, while the others have to impress Google with up to 5000 words.

Remember to create quality content that will help you earn backlinks, which are also important for SEO.

John Mueller from Google states that there is no minimum word count and the focus of content writers should be on quality rather than quantity.

How Many Words Can We Optimize?

It also depends on a few things, for instance, you should pay attention to the Head Terms of your page. Make sure there is no copy and paste, and the content is up to the standards of Google. In this situation, it will be easy for you to optimize the content.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is against Google and other search engine guidelines! Instead of stuffing so many keywords and phrases, you should pay utmost attention to provide accurate and quality content. Keyword stuffing is the process of repeating the same keyword or phrase over and over in your content. It is considered as a black hat SEO technique and is against the rules and regulations of Google.

The first "user experience" signal you should manipulate with is high-quality content and the minimal use of keywords. You should relate your content to the niche of your site, making sure that the quality is not compromised at any cost as it's what can help you survive in Google results.


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