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Semalt: Don't Force Google To Hate Your Site

Tips to improve your Google ranking.

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Jack Miller, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, warns you that Google can make your blog or website disappear from the search results if you try to trick it with low-quality traffic or keyword stuffing. For instance, if you generate lots of traffic to your website and it keeps growing on a few posts, Google will be alerted about that, and all of the posts and pages of your site will eventually disappear from its search results. And the worst thing is that you will never be warned about it. You are just going to be lost on the internet, and the reputation of your website might be ruined.

Buying Links

If you ever bought links from someone or a so-called reputable SEO company, there are chances that Google will penalize your site. If you generate hundreds to thousands of links and try to come on the first page, you can never achieve the desired results. Google believes that buying links is a black hat SEO practice and all other search engines call it spam. Disrespectful sites and social media profiles offer paid links, which are fit for nothing. So, you should never go with any of those options.

Joining the Wrong Link Directories

If you have joined the wrong link directories, you should remove yourself from them as soon as possible. A lot of directories will post your URL haphazardly, and that's what Google dislikes the most. The search engines consider the most of the directories as low-quality spam, so you should never opt for them and look for the quality directories only. Matt Cutts from Google states that link directories are one of the most misunderstood and odd parts of SEO.

Article Marketing

In case you have not heard about article marketing, let me tell you that it has been around for years. The idea is to write articles, spin its different versions and make small adjustments to the words. Then the bloggers submit those articles to various sites for backlinks. Reputable websites and businesses, however, do not go with this option. If you believe that Article Base or E-Zine can bring you quality results, you are making a significant mistake and might see your website lost in the search engine results.

Keyword Stuffing

It's safe to say that keyword stuffing is not friendly for a website at any cost. If you have been using a lot of keywords and phrases in a single paragraph, Google will soon decrease your rank and might damage your site's reputation. Keyword stuffing means using lots of keywords over and over in your content, and if you hope that it will get you a good ranking, it is not going to benefit you in any way.

Unnatural Anchor Text

Google's primary concern is getting rid of unnatural anchor text. If you don't know anything about that, let me tell you that anchor texts referrers to the text inside a specific link. It is meant to build links on a website. Google has recently updated its algorithm, and unnatural anchor texts are now considered as spam.

Broken Links

You should always check your website for broken links and correct the HTML codes. Repeat this process thrice per week to ensure that your site complies Google's policies. The search engine dislikes the websites with broken or useless links, so you should never go with that at any cost.


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